Provincial House of Traditional Leaders

Eastern Cape House of Traditional Leaders
The Eastern Cape House of Traditional Leaders came into existence on 18 October 1996. It was established in terms of the Eastern Cape House of Traditional Leaders Act No1 of 1995. After robust engagement with the democratic government it is now having thirty eight (38) members including representatives of all the Kings and reigning Queens in the Province. Three members of the Provincial House are representatives at the National House of Traditional Leaders
Vision & Mission

Vision: A catalyst of an inclusive, responsive and accountable Traditional Leadership Institution driven by community needs.

Mission: To promote public involvement and participation, culture & custom centred and development-oriented traditional leadership system consistent with community needs through sound administrative support system.

Values and Ethics: Provincial House of Traditional Leaders
P- Professionalism (govern with integrity)

H- Humility, honesty (Govern with humility and honesty)

0 – Objective, obligated, oneness, obedience (and take responsible decisions)

T- Transparency, tolerance (be accountable and ethical)

L – Leading, loyal, legitimate (drive unity within and beyond constituencies)

Strategic Objective: 1

To promote traditional, cultural and customary programmes.

Strategic Objective: 2

To execute effective oversight function and provide the required strategic support to the Institutions of Traditional Leadership so as to fulfill the constitutional requirement of recognizing the role and functions of the institutions to improve the socio-economic growth of rural communities.

Members of the House