Programme 2:

Local Governance

Purpose:To ensure the transformation of developmental local government by strengthening municipal institutions that will be responsive to the needs of the communities.

  • Full name:Mr Vuyo Mlokothi
  • Position:Deputy Director General
  • Tel:2740 940 7195
Strategic Objectives
  • To improve effective management support on municipal administration matters within the regulatory framework.
  • To promote effective financial management to municipalities for clean financial management in accordance with the applicable Acts.
  • To improve public trust and credibility in local government through public participation.
  • To facilitate improved functionality of 39 municipal institutions through the complete implementation of individual performance management and development systems aligned to the organisational performance management systems.
  • To improve municipal capacity assessment, capacity building and ICT through the provisioning of effective high quality management support.
  • To improve municipal performance, monitoring and evaluation services through effective and coordinated hands-on support.
  • To support 39 municipalities to achieve their statutory, social, economic and environmental obligations in respect of integrated development planning, spatial planning, land survey and cadastral information management, valuation services and land use management and administration.
  • To promote economic prosperity, liveable integrated cities, towns and rural areas as well as basic income security for citizens of the Eastern Cape Province.
  • To support 39 municipalities to meet their targets for basic needs services in line with their credible IDP’s