The MEC for COGTA, Zolile Williams condemns the spate of violence currently taking place in Ingquza Hill Municipality and Port St. Johns Local Municiapality.

On the 4th of October 2022, the house of the Mayor of Port St. Johns was set alight at night by unknown arsonists. A week before, a councillor of Ingquza Hill Local Municipality together with his son were fatally shot at their home. The attackers are still at large. The MEC is monitoring the trend with concern. The MEC condemns with the strongest possible terms the
unfolding violence.

The MEC received the communique from the Mayor of Port St. Johns Municipality relating to the demands of a group of people who call themselves Port St. Johns Community Forum. The MEC acknowledges receipt of the letter and will during the course of next week visit Port St.
Johns Local Municipality and have a conversation with all the stakeholders with a view to find an amicable solution.

The MEC says that no amount of anger justifies the burning of a house of a Mayor. This unfortunate incident was preceded by the Mayor receiving death threats from unknown people who wanted her to appoint local people to management positions or else she resigns as a Mayor. In the meantime, the MEC is in communication with the South African Police Service (SAPS) Provincial Commissioner to attend to the situations in Port St. Johns and Ingquza Hill Local Municipalities.

The MEC wishes to see the end of the violence which could be avoided by round table talks. Violence is no substitute to constructive engagements.

Issued by: EC COGTA

For more enquiries, please contact Mr. Mamnkeli Ngam on 071 685 7981 or Mr. Pheello Oliphant on 082 432 6433