05 July 2021
The work of the ulwaluko Monitoring Teams is making a difference to prevent deaths
and injuries of abakhweta, so says Cogta MEC Xolile Nqatha. He was speaking during his
monitoring visit to emabhumeni in the Buffalo City Municipal area. He was accompanied by the
BCM Forum on ulwaluko comprised of members of the Local House of Traditional Leaders,
Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), South Africa Police Services (SAPS) and officials from
Sector departments including the department of Heath.
MEC Nqatha appreciated the collaboration of key stakeholders involved in the ulwaluko
programme during the difficult time of Covid 19. He said the work of the teams was an
intervention and that government was not taking over the role of parents and families. MEC
Nqatha added that parents and families are expected to take full responsibility for sending their
children to the bush, without fail.
“Our teams are real heroes who occupy frontline trentches to safeguard the life and limb of
abakhwetha. At times they put their own lives at risk because they attach a supreme value to our
age old custom of ulwaluko. If it was not for the intervention of our government, there would be
a mess in emabhumeni,” said MEC Nqatha.
In Amalinda a parent and iKhankantha were arrested for the contravention of the Disaster
Management Act by opening an ibhuma thus violating the regulations.
He encouraged the teams to continue their good work to ensure the arrest and prosecution of
the law breakers.
In Mdantsane, a grandfather from Middledrift who was visiting his grandson called on women to
stop commercializing the custom through imigalelo (women investments). “Some of our grand
children go to the bush at younger ages because their mothers want to make a quick return on
their imigalelo investments. This is putting the lives of our grand kids at risk and kills the dignity
of ulwaluko. We ask government to assist to put a stop to this bad practice,” said the grand dad.
MEC Nqatha called on men to stand up for what is right and save ulwaluko from what he
called oonqalintloko (unscrupulous people) posing as iingcibi and amakhankatha yet they are
destroying the “valuable and sacrosanct” traditional passage of our children to manhood.
Issued by Cogta EC
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