MEC’s Office


Member of Executive Council

Full name Hon. Fikile Xasa

Strategic objective:
To promote excellence in leadership, good governance, corporate services and financial management to achieve clean administration

Objective statement:

Mobilise all stakeholders (sector departments, development agencies, including other relevant partners) as strategic partners to rally behind the mandate; set departmental priorities and targets; capacitate beneficiaries; and create transformed learning organization in order to meet full realisation of the departmental service delivery outcomes by 2020

Contact Person                                                                                                          Physical Address
Linda Sigwili                                                                                                                Tyamzashe Building
Tel: +2740 609 5788 / 5789                                                                                         Phalo Avenue
Fax: +2740 639 2135                                                                                                  Civic Square                                                                                      Bhisho